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Barambah-Dale Charolais is a family owned and operated business, with Wayne and Lesley Davis at the helm. The herd is run across three southern Queensland properties: "Wingfield" at Dalby, "Horsley Park" at Moonie, and "Scottland Downs" at Westmar.

It was the economic benefit and outstanding success that Wayne saw in Charolais-infused commercial cattle that led him to terminal crossbreeding with a Charolais sire, and then into breeding purebred Charolais. We have a real passion for the breed with their ability to infuse growth, muscle and thickness when crossed with virtually any other breed. On top of that we are striving to increase the genetic propensity in our herd for softness and fat coverage, which will in turn improve bottom lines down the supply chain.

From the beginning we have been very committed to the whole process of stud breeding to produce the ideal beast that will deliver higher returns for our commercial clients. We continue to use a variety of genetics to satisfy the commercial market, while also keeping the well known/proven Charolais genetics in our bloodlines, which, truth be told, is a hard job! It is very satisfying for us to see the results of weaners sold by high quality Barambah-Dale bulls.

We strive to be the commercial cattleman’s choice and to have a positive impact on the beef industry. We select for growth, structural soundness, fertility, constitution, temperament and importantly – easy-finishing ability. We place great emphasis on breeding bulls that will produce progeny that can be fattened for domestic and export markets. Our selection is stringent and we keep only our top quality heifers. We feedlot the lesser heifers, fattening them to observe their doing ability to achieve optimal fat coverage.

Bensch Grandparents
The Barambah-Dale Charolais Team
Barry & Desley Davis

Barry and Desley Davis (Wayne's parents) were heavily involved in the establishment and management of Barambah-Dale Charolais for many years. After a long-term collaboration of knowledge and skills to run the commercial and stud cattle aspects of our business, they now maintain a keen interest during retirement off-farm.

Wayne & Lesley Davis

Wayne and Lesley are the founders and owners of Barambah-Dale Charolais. They have been breeding Charolais for 27 years, beginning with their first drop of 'N' registered calves in 1993. Wayne has 45 years experience in all aspects of the cattle industry – buying, marketing, feedlotting, and breeding commercial and stud cattle. He is also a respected cattle judge.

Wayne and Lesley now reside at "Wingfield" at Dalby on the Darling Downs of Qld, after relocating from “Barambah-Dale” at Murgon - where the stud's prefix originated from in 1991.



Wayne and Lesley Davis
Anthony and Kylee Curtis and Family

Wayne & Lesley's oldest daughter Kylee, with her husband Anthony, and their children Alastair, Hamish and Megan, manage the Barambah-Dale herd and commercial cattle at "Scottland Downs" near Westmar.

The Curtis' breed Charbrays under their Wellcamp Stud prefix and sell their bulls alongside Barambah-Dale.

Visit the Wellcamp Stud Facebook page here.



With her husband Adam, Wayne & Lesley's second daughter Benita and their four young boys Bruce, Bronson, Myles and Lawson manage the Barambah-Dale herd at "Horsley Park" Moonie.

"Horsley Park" is a mixed beef/grain property where the grain and fodder crops are predominantly grown, as well as running stud cattle and backgrounders.



Bensch Family
John and Terri 2019 066_2


Wayne and Lesley's youngest daughter Terri and her husband John live in Dalby and work as part of the team across all aspects of the family business, including the Charolais Stud.


Barambahdale bulls grazing


Bull Sale

On-Property Sale at Wingfield Dalby

Friday 6th September 2024, 10:30am

We offer a range of high-quality bulls that we believe are well suited to the environments and target markets of our clients.

For more information about our bull sale click here.